why bucket list

If you never make plans, you are at the mercy of your environment.

Like the waves of the ocean,

you will be pushed and pulled without having control over your direction.

The time to start working on your bucket list is now, whether you are 20 or 80, it doesn’t matter.

Some find happiness in painting; some in biking; in taking picture with a tiger; running with bulls in Spain’s streets; going on a 21-day juice fast or getting your hair groomed with a monkey, riding car over 150 k mph; learn to eat with chop sticks, write a letter to your future child…

It shouldn’t take a brush to paint the things you want to do, 

Things which bring happiness and a sense of purpose to your life.

Most bucket lister, categorize the list into specific groups, put a date, keep aside the budget, and  work on to achieving it as part of their day to day life.

We are talking about living a life in your bucket list.

Now, may be a good time to look at your list… pen is not far away !!!