One woman, one bike and a 5453 Kms – Roshni Sharma

Armed with just pepper spray, a 26-year-old adventurer rode from Kanyakumari to Kashmir



Identified: Roshni Sharma rode her first bike at the age of 16, but she didn’t stop at just driving around traffic jams. She set her bucket list to be listed in “Limca Book of Records”.

She defies all the stereotypes associated with not only women, but women from small towns unexposed to the glitz and glamour of India’s most urbanized cities.

Planned : Roshni spent 7-8 months of full preparation which included compromising her job to live her bucket list;  route planning, route confirmation, buying the bike, biking gears and necessary equipment, learning about bike in case it breaks down, going for bike trial runs, maintaining fitness level up to the mark and to make herself mentally prepared for upcoming challenges. She estimated the expenditure much in advance and started saving for it.

Executed :  She left Kanyakumari on June 28th, 2014, after covering 11 states in 19 days (14 riding days) and having traveled 5453 km, she finally reached Leh. 

Route she took :

Kanyakumari -> Bangalore -> Hyderabad -> Adilabad -> Jhansi-> Agra ->Delhi ->Manali -> Sarchu -> Leh -> Srinagar -> Jammu -> Panipat -> Delhi -> Narora

A lone wolf in the vast expanse of the country, between dhabhas and highway lodges, a few small accidents even, Sharma’s feat is reflective of what a woman on a mission can achieve.


Is your affair with your bucket list better than hers?

Share all about your bucket list…


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