What a Stunning Vision – Karthick Sawhney

He dreamed of becoming a software developer and his bucket list was to build a software application which can be accessed by people of different disabilities.

“What a Stunning Vision”


New Delhi student Kartik Sawhney, 18 is visually impaired by birth. India’s Central Board Of Education failed to cater to his condition exempting him from maths and science course because of their visual aspects.

This didn’t stop the science loving teen from fighting for his right to education. With the help of his school and an NGO Kartik was able to negotiate his way into the science classes.

Guess what he surprised the whole world by scoring 96% in the finals.

“It was very difficult to convince the authorities to let me study science”

“For practicals, the teacher explained the appropriate apparatus and in the test I got multiple choice questions based on the curriculum.”

He even performed experiments that were non-hazardous.

After being one of the toppers in the finals he still had to fight for an admission in engineering college. The Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) denied blind students to even appear for the entrance exam (IIT – JEE).

karthick sawhney copy


This is where the likes of Stanford, Mit and oxford came into picture. Stanford even allowed Kartik to pursue his dream by allowing him to do his graduation in Computer Engineering. He has also been acknowledged for his exceptional work highlighting universal access to education for all. And for this he won the “Queen’s Young Leaders Award 2016” which would be presented by the British Monarchy at a gala ceremony in Buckingham Palace in June 2016.

If Karthick a common man could accomplish his bucket list, what’s yours?

Write down your bucket list, that’s the first step !!!


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