The perennial champion – Lance Armstrong

6c805e747eddbd1c57dd4693c8971480 copyHe got back on the bike to peddle a dream, not his name.

Identified:   Lance Armstrong would ride up the mountainside, like an avenging angel, inspiration come to life after life itself had almost been snuffed out, Professional triathlete from the age of 16, had chosen his bucket list while fighting cancer in the hospital bed. When doctors believed that his chances of survival are less; he was dreaming only to come back to race again.

Planned:  After coming back from the long-odds battle against testicular cancer, the only dream he had was to be back on the bike. Being a specialist only in 1 day races, he changed his training regime for knocking his list of winning Tour de France.


Became a profession athlete, at the age of 16 1986
Became US National Amateur champion 1991
Won 10 titles including the US Pro Championship, and stage 8 in the Tour de France, and at 22 is the youngest road racing world champion ever 1993
Becomes the first American to win the Belgian classic Fleche Wall one, Ranked the number one cyclist in the world. 1996
Wins the Tour de France 1999, marks his return to cycling
Won 7 Tour de France Between ,2000- 2005

“We have two options medically and emotionally: Give up or fight like hell”

All of us fight in our daily lives, please share with us your unheard stories!!!


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