From the railway tracks to the mount everest – Arunima Sinha

Rehne de aasma, zameen ki talash kar

Rehne de aasma, zameen ki talash kar

Sab kuch yahi hai, kahin aur na talash kar

Jeene ke liye, ek kami ki talash kar.

arunima-mountain-climber-India-everest-Mountain-Dew_Everest_Press_ copyA story of losing everything and finding it back

Identified:  Lying on the hospital bed, fighting for the life, “a dream was born” when a rod was inserted in Arunima Sinha  right leg, from knee to ankle, to hold the shattered bones together. She pondered on the most impossible dream she could set for herself, and decided to climb the Everest. Further she made her bucket list of climbing the highest summit on each of the world’s seven continents.

The mind holds tremendous sway over the body, once you decide to do something.

Usually amputee patients take months, or even years, to get accustomed to their prosthetic limbs, but she walked in two days.

Planned: When everybody laughed at her dream, she went to see Bachendri Pal, the first Indian woman to climb Everest to plan her expedition. She did a course, followed by 18 months of rigorous training. But, the path was not so easy.

Executed: On 21st May 2013, she reached the top of the world by climbing Mount Everest, and she started to knock her list.

Eurasia – Mount Everest Knocked
Antarctica Knocked
Australia Plate – Kosciuszko Knocked
Africa – Kilimanjaro Knocked
North America – Denali
Europe – Elbrus Knocked
Argentina – Aconcagua Knocked

Failure is not when we fall short of achieving our goals. It is when we don’t have goals worthy enough.

Write to us if you had a dream, you achieved …



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